Mai Thai Wellness Spa Review: A Thai Paradise in the Heart of Cape Town

Mai Thai Wellness Spa Review: A Thai Paradise in the Heart of Cape Town

I ring a little bell at the front door to enter Mai Thai Wellness Spa in De Waterkant, Cape Town. It sounds out a sweet timbre, alluding to the complete mind-body meditation I am about to experience. Serene music greets my ears as the smiling receptionist welcomes me.

A glass of refreshing orange, cucumber and mint flavored water and a cool towelette scented with lemongrass is presented as I await my masseuse. As I cover my face I draw in the fresh fragrance; already my body is preparing to relinquish all of its tensions. The air is scented, too; a particular Jasmine flower that grows in Thailand, and in their culture represents motherhood. I feel safe, cared for and relaxed even before I’ve entered the massage room within this Day Spa Cape Town.

I sip my delicious, welcoming drink as the different treatments are explained, including the products the massage therapist will incorporate during the massage treatment. I have decided on the Mai Thai Sports Massage, a deep tissue treatment where pressure is promised to be firm, and the focus is on soothing and easing tension, and improving blood flow. Using the combination of traditional Thai deep tissue massage techniques with their special Black Pepper Massage and Shea Butter balm from Thailand, I am treated to an otherworldly experience beyond any expectation created during my introduction to Mai Thai Wellness Spa.

Day Spa Cape Town
Serenity in the courtyard beside the bamboo tree.

The masseuse displays such skill at her craft I wonder how someone so youthful could have this level of experience. She begins with the body rock, moves on to the pressure points in the feet and legs, and flows into the full body effleurage, warming up my tense muscles. I have in the meantime traveled to a Thai Massage paradise, a mind-body meditation effortlessly reached.

Once my muscles are prepared, she incorporates the yoga-style Thai massage techniques to my back, after which she focuses on my legs and arms. I am gently requested to turn over, and am briefly returned in my mind to the massage room. Mai Thai Wellness Spa uses exceptionally soft, quality sheets on their massage beds and it makes for a distinctly luxurious experience. I feel cocooned and at peace. My therapist then covers my eyes with a cool cloth scented with secret Thai herbs, and instantly I have traversed again to the Thai paradise. The pure pampering continues, and is finished with a light facial massage, focusing on specific pressure points. I am brought back to earth with the sweet tone of the traditional Thai bell on the table nearby. My Thai Sports Massage treatment is over.

Day Spa Cape Town

Lemongrass & White Mulberry Tisane – delicious & refreshing!

I float from the massage room to the serene courtyard outside, inhabited by a beautiful bamboo tree in its center. An ornate, carved table sits under its shade, with two sun beds behind. I am treated to my choice of a Lemongrass and White Mulberry flavoured Thai iced tea, which may also be warm should a guest choose to have it so. I relax in bliss under the dappled sunlight to prepare my mind for the outside world. I could stay in this utopia forever.

Mai Thai Wellness Spa offers authentic Thai massage treatments using 100% natural and organic Thai products, including traditional Thai oils from HARNN, an award-winning and highly sought after spa range from Thailand. The attention to detail at this incredible spa is within everything they do, and offer – from the tiny bell at the front door to avoid disturbing guests during treatments with the usual gate buzzer, to the pre-treatment and post-treatment hydration and soft-spoken instructions by the wonderful staff, the luxurious sheets and gowns, and the very best massage treatments, service and hospitality in Cape Town. Not just a Thai experience; one of the best massage spa experiences I have ever had.

Every facet of this spa, from staff to treatments and everything in between, exudes the fantasy we all wish to experience when undertaking a mindful effort to release tensions that build in our daily lives. You will immediately feel like you are on holiday, and leave renewed and restored, ready to tackle daily life. The Spa also offers spa vouchers so one can get to experience this holiday feeling year-round, or treat a friend to the most relaxing gift in Cape Town.

Mai Thai Wellness Spa accommodates the busiest schedule, open from Mondays to Fridays between 8am and 7pm, as well as Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. They offer Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, the intriguing Tropical Coconut Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head Massage, therapeutic Thai Foot Massage, and an array of others. The natural and organic facials as well as the QMS facials have already garnered a keen following and they are becoming popular for their luxurious pedicures and manicures too. They also offer customized packages for groups like Bridal parties or birthdays. This is a wonderful place to celebrate special occasions in Cape Town with friends.

Treat yourself by making a booking at your earliest convenience for a truly authentic Thai Wellness Spa experience, the effects of which will stay with you long after your treatment, helping you to achieve an holistic connection between your body, mind and soul.

Contact details are as follows:
T 021 418 0713
M 071 611 1886

Mai Thai Wellness Spa can be found at:
18 Dixon Street, De Waterkant, Green Point, Cape Town

Or follow Mai Thai Wellness Spa on Facebook or Instagram for reviews and specials!

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